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Cartridge seals

On average, only 10% of the mechanical seals reach their full life. For the remaining 90% there is a premature failure, mainly because of wrong exploitation, assembly or selection. Much better performances are achieved with the cartridge type mechanical seals. The cartridge is a compact unit which allows easy interchangeability and eliminates the potential for error in assembly. The construction of the cartridge is such that large axially movements allowed, and pressure is made possible with the use of hydraulic balancing at higher operating rates.

  • Stationary springs enable higher speed of rotation.
  • The dynamic secondary seals are placed in the atmospheres of the seal, thus preventing the blockade in the deposition of the working fluid.
  • The design of the seal with multiple springs allows a uniform distribution of the load on the seal face.
  • The springs are not in contact with the working fluid, thereby avoiding the possibility of the blockade of the spring and the reliable performance is made possible.
  • Seal faces are double balanced.