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In BV-2 seal design springs are not emerged in operating fluid. In that manner spring blocking and material incompatibility problems are eliminated. In BV-2 seal design rotating part O-ring is in static state all the time, even during operation. Seal face wear is compensated by springs, therefore O-ring is never under dynamical load. Mechanical seal type BV-2 can be applied in conditions of pressure up to 40 bar due to shaped seal face cross-section. Standardized seal face dimensions allowe simple application of wide range of seal face materials and easy component replacement.

Working conditions

Face material

  • carbon-graphite
  • Cr-steel
  • Cr-Ni steel
  • tungsten carbide
  • silicon carbide
  • alumina

Operating limits:

  • p= 42 bar
  • t= -40 to 220 °C
  • v = 20 m/s