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Mechanical seal metal part incompatibility to media is common problem when sealing aggressive, corrosive media. Mechanical seal type CHEM NM-3 with no metal parts in contact with media is strongly recommended and common choice in chemical industry. Poor resistance of elastomers to acids is avoided by application of PTFE bellow.
Independent on direction of shaft rotation. Seal arrangement and choice of seal faces material make mechanical seal typeCHEMNM-3 best choice for sealing aggressive corrosive media.

Working conditions

Face materials:

Stationary seat:

  • carbon-graphite
  • silicone carbide
  • ceramics

Rotating seal:

  • PTFE glass impregnated
  • PTFE carbon impregnated
  • silicon carbide

Operating limits:

  • p= 10 bar
  • t= -40 to 220 °C
  • v = 16 m/s